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Although we use the freshest locally sourced ingredients, most of the seasoning is shipped from Japan. Our chef is constantly finding ways to combine new techniques with traditional values. To enable us to serve our customers the best experience, we are always coming up with new ways of sourcing and shipping different, exciting ingredients.


Invented in Japan. Perfected in your city

Cooking Methods

We cook everything for a long time to ensure the best taste experience. It involves a lot of demanding work and effort in preparing ramen toppings. Many different techniques are used, such as steaming, frying, braising, sous vide, roasting, sautéing, and broiling.


Where every flavor tells a story


Ramen was invented in China a long time ago, and much like everything else has evolved into something different through the centuries to the modern day. All Asian cultures have some form of ramen at the heart of their cuisine. In the simplest of forms, Ramen is a combination of soup and noodles. 


A considerable part of what makes our ramen restaurant different from others is its unique interior design. We are one of the only cyberpunk and futuristic-themed ramen restaurant that plays EDM. Think of our restaurant as one from the year 2050 in an entertainment district of a multi-cultural world-class city in the future.

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