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Great taste
in every drop

Our broth is made from a blend of bones and meat, slow-simmered for over 18 hours at a rolling boil. This prolonged cooking time is essential for extracting the richest, most nuanced flavors and textures. The result is a delicate balance that's the result of time, patience, and our chef's expertise. Get ready for your taste buds to come alive with every spoonful of our carefully crafted homemade broth.



Waku Waku was set up in mid-2022 as one of the Wong Guys Group restaurants. We have plans to transform this into a chain of 500 ramen restaurants throughout the US over the next 10 years.



All the appetizers available are prepared and cooked on-site in-house from scratch using only the freshest locally sourced ingredients. We use a combination of traditional techniques with new-age machinery. To keep things exciting, every month, we will come up with new appetizers based on a traditional recipe that we have enhanced and improved.


 In Japan, ramen became a phenomenon. What started with simple monolithic fast-food dishes for peasants became a whole new culture of consuming noodles, with different ramen named after different regions of the country. The ramen we make is based on a recipe from our Chef’s family for generations from Sapporo.

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