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Akira Hiratsuka

Partner Ramen Master Wongguys Group

Akira began his culinary journey at 16 in Sapporo, Japan, where he mastered traditional Japanese cuisine such as Sushi, Ramen, and Yakitori by working at various restaurants. With his expertise in authentic Japanese dishes, he served as a resident chef at Ramen Lab's Sun Noodle Kitchen and later as Head Chef at Yakitori Totto in New York, specializing in Sapporo Miso Ramen. Now Ramen Master at Waku Waku Ramen, Akira continues to showcase his passion for Japanese cuisine and innovative techniques, earning him a reputable name in the culinary industry.

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Boky Chu

Partner Corporate Chef Wongguys Group

Chef Wan Chi "Boky" Chu, Chef Partner at WONGGUYS GROUP, is a highly creative and innovative chef with a modern take on fusion cuisine. Fluent in Mandarin and Japanese with roots in Taiwan, Boky began his culinary journey at 16 and gained experience as a cooking chef at a traditional Japanese restaurant and a head chef at a Japanese cuisine restaurant. With a deep appreciation for cultural flavors and techniques, Boky is a rising culinary artist in the industry.

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Dixon Leung

Partner Operator WONGGUYS GROUP

Dixon Leung, the operating partner at WONGGUYS GROUP, is a highly skilled manager dedicated to Waku Waku Ramen's success. Raised in Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, and the US, Dixon is renowned for his expertise in Asian cuisine and sushi, with a degree in Hospitality Management. With ambitious plans to turn Waku Waku Ramen into a global chain, he constantly strives to improve through education and research. Dixon's hard work, dedication, and attention to detail have earned him respect from staff and contribute to the company's success.

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